It’s crunch time! The process…

grasses2 It’s crunch time! It’s part of my process; this process of making. I get a little frenzied, talk at little faster and become little more animated than usual.  (I know, some of you who know me might be baffled as to how that is possible!) Add a cup of green tea to the mix and a little chocolate in the evening and I’m wide awake at 3 AM with my mind filled to the brim with ideas, what to do next, what steps to take – a barrage of thoughts and senses!

So I decide to make the most of the time.pear tree

My mind takes me back to earlier in the afternoon. The sunlight through the window caught my eyes at that perfect time. I was in tune. I walked to the window to find the loveliest of sights. First, I noticed the yellow leaves of the pear tree and then my eyes were drawn to the beauty of the tall ornamental grasses we have dotting our yard.

It’s crunch time….
Grasses dancing, waving in the waning light.
Golden with autumn delight
wrapping around my heart very tight…
A sweet hug.

Up there in that window I peered out over the yard. I am suddenly overcome… and I run downstairs to take in all the beauty just a little bit closer. A quick break, a refresh and then it was back to work, back to creating.

Feeling grateful, feeling good,
Even with all the pressures of “I should”,
That dinner will be late
And I feel scared that I might not make my deadline date.
That date I simply set myself.
Another lesson that expectations need to be let go,
Being mindful of the present is the best way to go.

So it’s crunch time! Yes, that’s where I’m at, but it’s good and I know I will make it happen. Just like many times before when a “now moment” has grabbed and pulled me to record it, whether through photos, pen, pencil or words, it is there in the moment to show and share with me what’s most important. When I look back I am hoping I won’t remember the pressures as much as I will remember the moment when the golden light of the dancing grasses wrapped quietly around my heart because after all it’s all part of the process.



One thought on “It’s crunch time! The process…

  1. well took me about forever but here I am! OH that 3 a.m. I know that 3 a.m. I just wrote about my 3 a.m. yesterday. I love that you spent your time well and shared your gratitude that you took that moment to record the amazing! xo and NOW. I follow YOU. xo and I’m very excited about that!

    Love Tracie


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