What you need to know about 2017

Gazing out my dining room window at the sunrise this morning.
I am finally really sinking into this new year, and I must share. Things are going to be looking different around these parts….
It’s time for something new. It’s time for a metamorphosis {of sorts} to happen. Last year has been swept away. I’ve decided whatever unresolved feelings I have about last year just need to be let go. Poof! See you later 2016… **And please know while there was an incredible amount of hard, hard things that happened during this past year personally and otherwise, there was also an equal amount of amazing, magical, spectacular stuff in there as well.
The thing is, it’s more then time… The days are already flying right by. So as it goes with beginnings…  I’m stepping into something very new. Something I have never done before truly. It’s sort of huge for me, although it may not look like it from the outside. For me on the inside, though, it is feeling not only magnanimous and enormous but also a little bit more than a tiny bit scary. I have decided to embark on a new creative project and I am devoting the whole of 2017 to it. While I will still have other things happening here @thenest {I am hoping and planning for more retreats and events}. I expect that the majority of my creative free time will be devoted to this project. It’s pretty immense and so the way I’ve been sharing things with all of you who’ve been following along with me here is probably going to be different. I’m not exactly sure how it’s all going to look… not by a long shot, but I am sure it’s going to be different. I will be figuring it all out as I go along. I am really opening myself up and allowing my creativity to flow more than I ever have before. It all feels really strange and new, a lot like a giant adventure. I welcome you to stay tuned. I’ll be sharing it with you all as best as I can here. tufted titmouse with seed
That’s what I have got for you right now and I am wishing everyone all the best in this New Year of 2017! May we all have a year filled with unlimited love, peace, beauty, inspiration, good health, and joy. May good vibes prevail!
More soon…

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