Silent landing.

petals mandala
The spring took hold of my heart hard and then tossed it onto summer without warning. I could feel it in mid air all summer long whooshing through the days, and moments hoping for a soft landing that never did arrive.  As I understand more and unfurl more, I believe I will be landing soon.
It was a beautiful momentous summer in many ways, full of making true connections, visiting with friends, being true and stepping out of fear more, opening up to allow all the significant changes that are now upon me to seep into existence firmly.
It takes a lot of work to undo ones heart and let the contents of your soul spill out to share with the world. It takes time, quiet, kindness and love. It take slow mythotical steps, becoming comfortable in the uncomfortableness, seeing in shades of grey instead of always black and white, recognizing the nows of a moment, grabbing hold of strength, bravery, confronting fear and always conquering it in a noiseless unobtrusive matter. Reaching, stretching, transforming, transistioning, morphing, and shape shifting into a purer essence of self.
autumn self
I feel my heart softening and landing silently into Autumn’s sweet pile of leaves. Yes, I think I may have have finally landed.

Heart stories . . .

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