Day 43: Time to Say Good Bye

One day later than expected but we are leaving today! Unfortunately we didn’t know when we were going to be able to travel so Mo left yesterday and we’ll certainly miss that extra set of hands on the flights from Kathmandu to Bangkok and especiallyBangkok to New York. We should be home on Thursday morning with our kids in tow. We look forward to seeing all of you again but are sad to leave this magical place.

Staying here for so long has only reinforced our belief that this was the right place for us to build our family. Comparatively, the people here have so much less than we do in the US but in many ways live their lives much more richly than we ever could. Family life takes precedence over work and making a new friend is more important than making a couple extra rupees. Although we are very happy to be coming home to our family and friends there is a part of us that really doesn’t want to leave.

I truly hope to return many times in my lifetime. Thank you for reading and responding to our blog and we’ll probably be making a few more entries once we get home to keep you updated on the kids’ progress. Namaste!

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